the online community + marketplace for BIPOC creatives + allies.

the unknown collective

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the online community + marketplace for BIPOC creatives + allies.

the unknown collective.

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the unknown collective. the unknown collective.

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discussion spaces.

around creative + industry topics facilitated to help you connect + learn.

discovery spaces.

for member networking + collaboration.

work spaces.

for sharing + supporting the challenges + wins of being a creative.

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exclusive pop-up sprints.

to get your shit together alongside other creatives with dedicated week-long pop-up sprints. [tackle everything from productivity, dealing with clients, branding, boosting creativity, + more!]

to get out of 'résumé-land' and instead show what really matters— you + your work! get your own profile out there to be found + find others to connect or collaborate with.

creative directory.

for posting + finding gigs + connecting with potential clients + collaborators across mediums + creative industries.

gig board + marketplace.


recorded + live online workshops.

around creative + industry topics curated to help you grow your brand as a creative [+ as a human].

online book club.

each month, we'll run a poll + vote on a book or highlight a member's choice in their creative area of expertise.

online coworking.

to tap into the network of other creatives while working in public. let's grow together!

a recap of all the "goings-on" so you don't need to be online all the time to stay up to date.

weekly community digest.

private 1:1 messaging.

to connect + collaborate with other members.

full of curated playlists, spreadsheets, tools + resources.

monthly members-only newsletter.

to learn + help develop our newest programming + initiatives before the public!

inside access.

to get you allll the discounts.

perks + deals.

we almost forgot— when you join as a pro, we'll also send you some sick TUC merch, shipped right to your door.

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we're here because of systemic inequity + well, because bipoc creatives need each other now more than ever.
we're on a mission to change the way we connect + work in creative spaces.

we all know that the current infrastructure within creative industries isn't working for all of us. so we've decided to be one (of hopefully!) many new communities with social equity missions to start anew; giving bipoc creatives + the allies that support us new spaces to connect, work, + evolve the way we see careers in the arts.

we're not reinventing the wheel.

we just believe in rebuilding healthier, new intersections of art, technology, + wellbeing into our lives. we are building a platform that allows bipoc + ally creatives + art-repreneurs to work + grow in public, connect, showcase their art + share their expertise from across the globe.
we believe that At the core of every successful community is the opportunity to be seen, heard + supported. to begin that process, we're ready to listen. so if what we're trying to do interests you and you want to learn more or offer your opinions + ideas, join the waitlist to join beta or just say