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we're the unknown collective.

the community for connecting online with bipoc creatives + our allies.

we're here because of systemic inequity + well, because bipoc creatives need each other now more than ever.

At the core of every successful community is the opportunity to be seen, heard + supported. We believe in developing a platform that allows creatives + art-repreneurs to work + grow in public, showcase their work + share their expertise.

With our launch of The Unknown Collective, we're doing just that.

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the unknown collective was created out of a need to heal from the broken + systemically oppressive world of the arts for black, indigenous + other creatives of color.

historically, these marginalized groups have had to work substantially harder than their non-bipoc counterparts, just for the chance to attain the same opportunities. in most cases however, bipoc creatives never make it through the door, or get that coveted invitation for a seat at the table.


after years of growing disappointment, distrust, and oppression that bipoc creatives have experienced in the midwest, west coast, east coast + globally, we’ve decided to create a safe + equal space for ourselves (as well as our non-bipoc allies who share this desire for equity in the arts). this cyclical lack of opportunities to practice their mediums in healthy + respected ways has caused trauma for bipoc creatives young + old for generations.

we’re breaking that cycle. it starts with us + other communities, organizations, + businesses. people coming together to create new spaces + critical infrastructure to rebuild the system + ensure true equity in opportunity, pay, treatment + overall access.


we see a world with equitable opportunity, access + resource for the creation of art. this is the goal. all people will be able to share their stories, make their art + see themselves represented in the artistic mediums we love + consume daily. we believe we can achieve this beginning with uplifting marginalized groups, while also welcoming allies into this network of creatives. as a collective, we continually strive for the pursuit of equity in creative + artistic spaces to achieve this vision.


our mission is to create safe space for bipoc creatives to thrive + create, without relying on resources or opportunities from those same industries that have failed time + time again to meaningfully include us. to do this, we aim to inspire + facilitate conversation + collaboration among bipoc + non-bipoc creatives, connect critical resources to those creatives + provide thoughtful + enriching programming + initiatives for this community.


the staggering, systemic lack of equal opportunity for bipoc creatives to be seen, heard + valued in the existing creative industries + spaces has inspired us to write this manifesto + build this collective.

read it.

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we get a lot of questions about our platform. you can get any answers in no time here.

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can I invite my friend to become a member?

yes, of course! once you've joined the community, you'll be able to participate in our referral program that has its own special perks for helping our community grow!

what's the refund policy?

if you're unhappy with your membership or product for any reason, shoot us an email at + we'll try to make things right.

*for memberships, just let us know within the first 30 days of joining or upgrading, + we can go ahead and issue you a refund.*