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we're new here, you're new here- we think it's safe to say that we all have some questions. scroll down for answers.

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the unknown collective. the unknown collective.

your questions, answered.

I was put on the waitlist. what does that mean?

it means that we are currently in the process of activating the beta community + adding founding members on a rolling basis. batches of new invites will be sent monthly to people on the waitlist who've applied to be a founding member, + will open for everyone else at launch. so, please stay patient + watch your inbox!

can I invite my friend to become a member?

yes, of course! once you've joined the community, you'll be able to participate in our referral program that has its own special perks for helping our community grow!

is there a trial membership available?

yes! for our 'resident' + 'pro' memberships we offer a free 7 day trial. we also have a completely + always free membership called 'member'.

*all members can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their subscription anytime*

can my company or community partner with TUC?

of course! please shoot us an email at with any partnership inquiries. we're always looking for new friends, sponsors + partners of the community.

what's the refund policy?

if you're unhappy with your membership or product for any reason, shoot us an email at + we'll try to make things right.

*for memberships, just let us know within the first 30 days of joining or upgrading, + we can go ahead and issue you a refund.*

how much will membership be?

accessibility is kind of our thing so, membership is always FREE at the 'member' tier.  we have two other tiers of membership with extra perks.

  • member. [free forever.]
  • resident. [$15/mo or $162/yr]
  • pro. [$25/mo or $269/yr]

*all members can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their subscription anytime*

what's included in membership?

both monthly + annual members of TUC have access to thoughtful programming, ongoing special perks from brands we love, opportunities to connect with other creatives, find gigs, a monthly members-only newsletter + other members-only content.